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Raiding Period: Your Questions Answered
Raiding Period: Your Questions Answered
1/18/2013 9:38:17 AM
Q: What is the Raiding Period?

A: In Ontario, the construction sector has three-year contracts. During the last three months a Union’s members can be raided. This year the Raiding Period is from February 1st to April 30th, 2013.

Q: Why do unions raid each other?

A: They don’t for the most part. Strong unions have always believed that organizing the unorganized is a better way to grow. Some unions would rather try to steal another union’s members then organize the unorganized.

Q: How does raiding work?

A: A representative of a rival union (in our case it will be a Carpenters Rep) will show up at your work site and beg or encourage you to sign a card for their union. In fact they will be desperate to get you to sign. They will make all kinds of false promises and misrepresent the facts. If the rival union gets enough cards, there will be a vote.

Q: Who is on the ballot?

A: The existing union and the raiding union

Q: How is the outcome of the vote determined?

A: Whoever receives the majority of votes cast by persons entitled to vote-you must actually vote to count and you must have worked on the day they filed their application for certification.

Q: If the majority votes for the raiding union, what happens to the collective agreement that the member was working under?

A: By law if a raiding union is certified then the previous union’s collective agreement is automatically ended and the new union has to try to negotiate a collective agreement. Any defecting members would have no enforceable collective agreement rights.

Q: What should I do if I am asked by a rival union to sign a membership card?

A: Don’t sign anything! You do not have to sign anything. Don’t be tricked into signing something “to get more information” or fall for “a card needs to be signed for Local 183”. We don’t need you to sign anything. It’s just a sneaky way to get a member to sign a card for another union.

Q: Does a rival union have the right to come onto my job site and interfere with me while I am on break or trying to do my work?

A: Absolutely not. Tell them to get off the site and contact your supervisor and tell him or her to remove the person from the site.



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