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Our Members Holiday Raffle is Fast Approaching!
Our Members Holiday Raffle is Fast Approaching!
12/11/2020 2:48:36 PM

As this is our first live streamed event, we wanted to provide further insight into the production of the raffle tickets as well as the plan for the day of the raffle to help clearly detail the raffle process.

Unique ID and Privacy

For the purposes of this raffle and for member identification in future scenarios, we created a unique 7-digit Member ID number for all member records in our database. This will serve as the unique raffle ticket number.

Source Material

All individuals entered in the raffle will be exported into secure lists that will serve as the source for all raffle ticket production and subsequent reviews.

Raffle Tickets

The Raffle Tickets will resemble the below mock-up.

Back     Front

Each ticket will display a Name and a Member ID Number of all eligible members as outlined in the draw eligibility as detailed on the LIUNA Local 183 website.

Event Day

The event will start with an empty drum and all tickets still sealed in their original boxes. A camera will be on the drum during the entire event with additional angles shown as well. External outside professional auditors will:
  • break the seals on the boxes
  • spot check box contents against the listed contents
  • place the tickets in the drum
  • shuffle the contents of the drum
  • draw tickets from the drum
  • show each drawn ticket clearly to the camera
The raffle will be live streamed from start to finish on a member only section of the LIUNA Local 183 website.

We recommend registering with the website before the raffle as we anticipate heavy website traffic during the event and will be unable to provide website support at that time. You can register your portal account by clicking this link.

Post Event

After the event, all winners will be listed on our website and social media.

If you think you have won, you can contact the local for next steps.

Wishing everyone the best of luck!



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