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COVID-19 Notice to Local 183 Employers
COVID-19 Notice to Local 183 Employers
3/24/2020 12:30:10 PM
Yesterday, the Province deemed most construction work and certain other non-construction work janitorial, maintenance and health care to be essential services.

Local 183 wishes to emphasize in the strongest possible terms that being deemed an essential service doesn’t mean that owners, contractors and employers can ignore health and safety requirements under the collective agreement or the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and elsewhere, that are at law owed to our members.

Many of our contractors and employers take the health and safety of our members seriously and, to those contractors, on behalf of our members and their families at this difficult time, we thank-you.

Other contractors and employers refuse to do all that is required under the law to protect our members or ignore our members health and safety rights. To all of these contractors and employers be advised, in the strongest possible terms, that we will find you and we will be vigilant in coming to your sites and workplaces to do everything legally permissible to hold you and the officers and directors of your corporations fully accountable for any improper practices or procedures or for any harm caused to our members including seeking significant monetary payments/damages for our members, sever sanctions against your corporations and monetary fines.

This isn’t a time to cut corners or ignore legal obligations-if anything, all contractors and employers should be going above and beyond what they are required to do. Again, we thank those contractors and employers who take their legal responsibilities seriously, especially during times like these.

The most important assets a contractor or employer can have are its employees, which in large measure involves Local 183 members, who provide the labour and skills to get the job done. They deserve your respect and attention now more than ever.

Yours truly
Jack Oliveira
Business Managerprint

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