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2009 Ontario Budget Highlights
2009 Ontario Budget Highlights
4/20/2009 4:20:36 PM

The Ontario Government has released details about the 2009 Budget.

Below are some highlights found in the 2009 Ontario Budget. These details should help to outline the postive growth that the contruction industry will see as a result of these commitments.

·         Stimulus Package
o    Preserving and Creating Jobs
o    $32.5 Billion to infrastructure over 2 years
o    $700 Million in Expanded Skills Training and Literacy Initiatives
·         Infrastructure
o    ReNew Ontario - $30B Investment plan to be completed in ’09 designed to address the infrastructure deficit
§ Major projects to get underway
·         Queenston-Lewiston Bridge in Niagara
·         International Truck Route in Sault Ste. Marie
·         HOV Lanes on 403 and 404
·         40 Hospital Projects underway and 9 to begin in 2009-‘10
·         $1.4B to Post Secondary Education Campus Renewal
·         $1.3B to Primary and High School Renewal
§ There are 30 major projects underway each worth $100M (see list below)
o    $15.1B Infrastructure Investment in 2009-10
o    $17.4B Infrastructure Investment in 2010-11
·         Skills Training
o    $750M over two years for transitional employment and training assistance
§ $94M for New Candians
§ $90M for literacy and basic skills training
§ $50M for cooperative Education Tax Credit + Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit
·         Tax Relief
o    $10.6B over 3 years
·         Tax Reform
o    Harmonization of the PST/GST resulting in a standard tax of 13% effective June 1, 2010
·         New Home Tax Savings
o    Homes under $500K receive rebate of Provincial portion of Sales Tax
·         Child Benefits
o    $1,100 per child for Low-Income Families
·         Support for Housing
o    $700M for Social Housing over 2 years
o    $360M to create new affordable housing for low income seniors and persons with disabilities
o    $175M to Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing for Low Income, Seniors and individuals with mental illness
·         Call for EI reform
o    Disproportionate allowance of claims for Ontario workers. Province looks to reform program for greater access.

The Full Budget is available at



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