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AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO all “undocumented” workers...
AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO all “undocumented” workers - Local 183 will never betray you
1/11/2008 8:20:34 AM

A recent news report claimed that Local 183 representatives go to unionized construction worksites to check for undocumented workers and “send them home.”

This report is completely false. Local 183 has never reported an undocumented worker to any authority or organization. And we never will. We understand your situation. We were once in your shoes.

The government does not require us to report undocumented workers. But even if it did, we would go to jail rather than betray you. You should not fear discussing your work or your status with any Local 183 officer or representative. We will protect you and help you.

Local 183 has provided hundreds of letters of support for undocumented members seeking landed immigrant status. We will continue to do so.

Since taking office last September, the new administration at Local 183 has extended full medical and insurance benefits to undocumented members. You need these benefits because the government does not provide them, even for the children of undocumented workers. If you are not yet aware of these benefits, please call or visit the Local 183 office.

Local 183 was founded by immigrants over 50 years ago. Its leaders have all been immigrants, like us. We are proud of what our members have done to help build our adopted country. Canada should welcome hard workers like you, not threaten you with deportation.

Local 183 will cooperate with the federal government in any effort to fix the many problems in the current immigration system. But we will never betray you. You can count on that.




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