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2016 Scholarship Applications Available for Downlo...
2016 Scholarship Applications Available for Download
4/6/2016 2:00:50 PM



This Trust Fund was established with the purpose to provide partial scholarships to members of Local 183, their children and grandchildren. This is to encourage members’ families, as representatives of the diverse cultural communities which make up Local 183, in accessing high quality post-secondary education.


Any student who has graduated or who will be graduating, from an Ontario High School or an equivalent program and will be attending a recognized post-secondary institution such as a College or University in the coming school year, and is a member, the child or grandchild of a Local 183 member or retiree in good standing, is eligible to apply for consideration NB: Anyone who was awarded a Local 183 Scholarship in the past is not eligible to apply again, even if the full amount of the past award was not received. Anyone who has applied for a Local 183 Scholarship in the past and was not awarded is eligible to re-apply. If approved, the Scholarship will be awarded for the years remaining on your planned program of study. 


A number of scholarships will be awarded on an annual basis to successful applicants as chosen by the Fund’s Independent Academic Committee. Each scholarship will be for a maximum of $2,500.00 per annum, for a period of up to four (4) continuous years provided the successful applicant remains in full- time attendance at a post-secondary institution and maintains a passing grade in all subjects. Total value of the scholarship over the four year period will not exceed $10,000.00. Areas of study which require less time to complete will only receive the award for the actual length of the program. Total value will not be averaged over a shortened period of time.




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