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LIUNA Local 183
LIUNA Local 183 - Submissions to the Changing Work...
LIUNA Local 183 - Submissions to the Changing Workplace Review
9/17/2015 1:58:05 PM

Labourers' International Union of North America, Local 183 ("Local 183") is the largest construction local union in North America, representing more than 40,000 construction workers and their families in the Greater Toronto Area. Local 183 also represents approximately 8,500 members working in the industrial sector, including members working for employers contracted to provide cleaning and maintenance services to building owners. Our members toil in adverse environments and under severe circumstances. Local 183 has a long history of advocating for better working conditions and legal protections to decrease the vulnerability of workers.

The problem of precarious work has reached a critical point in Ontario. Too many are working with no job security, are subject to unpredictable and irregular hours of work, are not given appropriate overtime pay or benefits, and may not know who is their real employer. They are also subject to invasions of privacy at the whim of the employer, whether through drug testing or security checks that are not justified by the nature of their job duties. Furthermore, to the extent employees have legal rights in theory, they face significant barriers to enforcing them. Employers are well aware of their disproportionate bargaining power over their employees, reinforced by current gaps in the law, and they exploit this power to their economic advantage.

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