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Today We Are Taking the Power Back from Oakville H...
Today We Are Taking the Power Back from Oakville Hydro
6/10/2015 11:16:00 PM

On May 20th, 2015 LiUNA Local 183 entered into a legal strike position against Oakville Hydro.

For the past several months, Oakville Hydro has ref used to negotiate an industry standard rate with LiUNA Local 183.

Oakville Hydro has underestimated us and refuse to take our workers seriously.

They refuse to abide by the collective bargaining agreement we have with the Municipality of Oakville.

Worst of all, they refuse to tell the truth.

As locates are a critical part of construction and crucial to the initiation of a project, we feel obligated to notify the public about the risk of possible power outages or the dangers associated with gas leaks due to incorrect locates.

LiUNA Local 183 is the largest residential and civil construction local in North America with more than 45,000 members.

LiUNA Local 183 is committed to fighting for the rights of skilled labourers, who have built homes for Oakville families for decades.

It's time for us to restore the distribution of power at Oakville Hydro and give it back to the residents of Oakville.


Striking utility locators picketing Oakville Hydro facility



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