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Local 183 Business Manager Jack Oliveira releases ...
Local 183 Business Manager Jack Oliveira releases report slamming Tory plans for "Right to Work" at a news conference on January 28, 2014.
1/28/2014 8:59:19 AM


January 28, 2014


LiUNA Local 183 today released “The Reality of ‘Right to Work’: Putting Middle Class Out of Reach”, a paper by economist John O’Grady that refutes absolutely the “Right to Work” plan put forward for Ontario by Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives.

The report done for Local 183 looks at both the Tories’ proposal and the Fraser Institute’s supporting paper from earlier this year and dismantles them piece-by-piece. “So-called ‘Right to Work’ is an attack on unions and the essential role they play in helping working families enjoy middle class life,” said Jack Oliveira, Business Manager for Local 183. 

“Right to Work” reduces wages across the board, not just for unionized workers.  Workplace injuries rise, pension plans wound up and benefits lost under these American-based initiatives.

The construction industry has been an economic success story for Ontario for over 25 years.  It is creating jobs faster than the economy as a whole, has an excellent safety record, provides much-needed skills to thousands of people and provides excellent benefits to its members.  “Right to Work” would put all of this at risk.

“Tim Hudak has to explain why he wants to cut our pay and slash our benefits.  He needs to explain why construction workers don’t belong in the middle class.  What has he got against us?” asked Carlos Morais, a member of Local 183. Morais received two and a half years of free training from the union and is now an Interprovincial Red Seal Brick and Stone Mason.

LIUNA Local 183 is North America’s largest construction union, with over 40,000 members in the Greater Toronto Area, Barrie and Cobourg. Members work in construction including sewer and water main, residential, road construction, bridge building, pipeline, utilities and railroads.

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