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Know the Facts - Carpenters
Know the Facts - Carpenters
1/23/2013 2:14:16 PM
Carpenters Local 1030 is the new home of Local 183’s former executive members.

To remind yourself of their characters, click on or go to YouTube and watch this excerpt from CTV:

After they were defeated and joined the Carpenters, these guys went to the Labour Board and demanded they get their old executive jobs back! Not only that, but when they lost, they appealed, and when they lost their appeal, they sued in Court! They are still in court to this day.

  • They have no respect for the democratic outcome of the election.

  • They are supposed to be working for the Carpenters but they are suing to get their old jobs back too!

  • They still want to be members of LIUNA but they think YOU should leave!!!!

  • THEY want to lead Local 183 but they want YOU to JOIN the Carpenters!!!!


Squandered their members’ pensions

Did you know that the Carpenters left their retirees with a bankrupt pension fund?

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario gave retirees what pennies were left after the Carpenters made a monstrous deal with an employer to get a contract from Local 183:

They said their members’ hourly rate would not include pension contributions.

The deal was done and retirees paid the price.

While the Carpenters continued to collect their dues.




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