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Raiding Period: Letter from Jack Oliveira
Raiding Period: Letter from Jack Oliveira
1/18/2013 9:44:12 AM
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

First let me extend to you and your family best wishes from the Executive Board for a happy, healthy and safe 2013.

I am writing you today because the Raiding Period is here again and we need to be ready. This time we are facing a familiar foe, the Carpenters Union. They will try to raid our members (and make no mistake - we will encourage their members to join us.)

The Carpenters are tiny compared to us: provincially, we are six times bigger. Local 1030, the local run by Danny and Durval has 250 members. We have 32,000 members. We are 99.99 per cent bigger! As for all of Ontario we out number them 60,000 to 9,000.

You might be asking, “Why does this matter?” Let me tell you.

We have all the work. We have the big builders under contract. We have the big sub-contractors under contract. Our members have great work lined up for years to come.

Members of Local 183 have more work, better benefits and guaranteed pensions. But that’s not all. At Local 183 you have a vote. You elect your local executive. The Carpenters is run like the old Soviet Union. No local executive elections: just shut up and work. That is what Danny and Durval have to offer you now. And I am sad to say that so far they are not being truthful or honest.

So remember not to sign anything and to be suspicious when you hear things that are too good to be true.

Enclosed you will find answers to questions you might have, comparisons for you to see the benefits of staying with Local 183 and what to do if you are bothered at work. You will also see a number we want you to call if a Carpenter rep comes onto our work site: (416) 241-1183 or call or text your rep.

Your future is bright with Local 183.

Jack Oliveira


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