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Raiding Period: What to do if you are Approached
Raiding Period: What to do if you are Approached
1/18/2013 9:31:24 AM
Always let your rep know of any incidents on the job site-call email or text. Otherwise call the union office at (416) 241-1183.

Also, here are some questions you should ask:

  1. Can you guarantee me in writing that my pension will not be affected?

  2. Why don’t the Carpenters have real locals where members directly elect their executive officers?

  3. Can you throw out the leadership of the Carpenters in an election if you don’t like them? I can.

  4. Why should I leave the biggest and strongest construction local union in North America, that has the vast majority of Builders, major contractors and all the associations under contract with great paying work for years to come for a smaller union like yours that can’t offer me any job security?

  5. Why do your dues support a training centre in Las Vegas that your members never go to?

  6. Is it true that the Carpenters were thrown out of the Canadian Labour Congress (“CLC”) for breaking their promise not to raid other unions affiliated with the CLC?

  7. The Local 183 dual membership policy prohibits any member of Local 183 from signing a membership card with the Carpenters, in such instance the policy mandates the loss of any corresponding Local 183 membership.  Why would I do that when LIUNA has all the jobs?

  8. Your job is to steal members from Local 183 and you will say anything to make me sign. If you say it’s not true, show me a copy of your employment agreement with the Carpenters!

  9. I want to belong to the Local that offers me job security. Why would I leave LIUNA for a tiny union that can’t supply the big projects?



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